History and Foundation:
Established in 1877 in Heilbronn by Christoph Seilacher and his brother-in-law Karl Schill, Schill + Seilacher has been a pioneering chemical factory specializing in the production of unique products for the leather industry. The company’s foundation was built on a commitment to close customer relations, which has consistently fueled their success.

Rapid Growth and Creativity:
Driven by creativity and the high standards of their products, Schill + Seilacher experienced rapid growth. The company’s success was evident in the production of special chemicals for textile manufacturing and finishing, leather and paper industries in Böblingen. Simultaneously, their Hamburg facility focused on developing and producing special chemicals for the rubber industry, including anti-foaming agents, polydispersions, silicone emulsions, and latex processing products.

Global Expansion and Continued Success:
The continuous success of their products in the U.S. market led to the establishment of Struktol in Stow, Ohio, in 1979. Today, with over 600 employees worldwide, Schill + Seilacher remains a family-owned business, emphasizing dynamic growth driven by tradition, extensive research, and development.

Diverse Product Range:
Schill + Seilacher specializes in the development and production of antistatic agents for synthetic fibers and yarns, including polyamides, polyesters, polypropylenes, polyethylenes, rayon, acetate, and elastomers. Their long-standing expertise in antistatic agent production, coupled with innovative technology, ensures enhanced efficiency in production and processing, meeting the highest quality standards.

Innovation and Research Excellence:
The company’s commitment to innovation is reflected in a wide range of high-quality products designed for fiber and yarn production and processing. Schill + Seilacher stands as a globally recognized technology partner, providing assistance and support to clients worldwide, particularly in the Automotive, Construction, and Medical industries.

Valuable Technological Partner:
Schill + Seilacher is renowned for being a valuable technological partner, offering assistance and support to clients globally, helping them meet their specific requirements. Their impact extends across industries, making them a trusted partner for the Automotive, Construction, and Medical sectors.