The story of IKV begins with the development of an innovative technology for handling carbon blacks in the production of black masterbatches, initially based only on PET and PBT carriers.

Their core products are suitable for fine Denier and Dtex polyester fibers, for mono and multifilaments, BCF carpet yarns, and spunbond. High-quality standard types are also produced for other applications like injection molding or the manufacturing of films and foils.

IKV is continuously expanding its product range by adding new colors and other polymers. A close cooperation is fostered with customers, and products are manufactured according to their specifications and samples. The technical department is always ready to assist with special modifications and adjustments, offering technical advice and support for special requests. IKV’s products are renowned and successfully used by companies all over the world.

IKV offers products that are tailored to the needs of each customer in 8 application areas:

  • Staple fibre;
  • Multifilament & monofilament;
  • Spun bonded nonwovens;
  • Film & foils;
  • PET & PP Tape;
  • Composites;
  • Injection moulding in plastics.

Polymers used as bases for MB production:

  • Polyester;
  • PBT;
  • Polyamide;
  • Polypropylene;
  • LDPE;
  • HDPE;
  • Blended compounds.

Premb Masterbatch Black

  • For all finenesses (den) from 0.5 den and coarser – as well as for microfilament
  • Different types of black carbon for different applications in amorphous and crystallised state
  • Food grades: EU standards and FDA

Masterbatch Additives

  • White masterbatch for PET, PBT and PA6
  • Flame-Retardant (FR) Masterbatch produced on PBT basis for PET and PBT applications
  • UV masterbatch stabilisers for all types of polyester and polyamide masterbatches
  • Contract work of specialties for customers and partners

Masterbatch Colour Concentrates

  • PET and PBT based
  • 100t capacity
  • Single pigment colours
  • Masterbatch tailor-made colours
  • Dyes and pigments

Tailor Made Masterbatch

  • Perfect match with any colour
  • PBT and Polyester base
  • Mono-Colours / SPC’s
  • White masterbatch
  • Active Phosphorus Substance
  • Halogen and Bromine free
  • Masterbatch PreMB 23 FR 5 – PBT Carrier for PET and PBT applications
  • Flame retardant additive integrated in polymer (long lasting flame retardant protection)
  • Washable and dryable
  • Very good spinning capacity and high LOI
  • PET FR granules with different percentages of phosphorus – in current grades up to 13,000 ppm
  • Granules comply with the International Standards for anti-flaking protection B1 and M1

It is a medium-sized company that has close relationships with its customers, producing according to their specifications or samples. IKV’s technicians are available to help customers continuously to optimise recipes and provide technical advice and support as required for special customer requirements.