Innovative Kunststoffveredelung GmbH

IKV produces high quality color concentrates MB (masterbatch) as single pigment but also tailor made colored MB and many other specials like Masterbatch Additives: flame retardant FR masterbatch and UV Masterbatch Stabilizers, also flame retardant FR granules (chips).

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Black PreMB Masterbatches
Different kinds of carbon black for different demands
Amorphous and crystallized
Food grades: EU standard and FDAFor all deniers (den) from 0,5 den and coarser – also for microfilamentsColoured

PET and PBT carriers are available
Capacity of 100 tons
Single pigment colours
Tailor-made colour masterbatches
Dyes and pigments can be used
Additive Masterbatches
White masterbatches available on PET, PBT and PA 6 carriers
Flame-Retardant (FR) masterbatches made with PBT carrier for PET and PBT applications
UV stabilizer masterbatches available for all polyester and polyamide masterbatches • Contract work of specialties for customers and partners


Perfect match to the color you want
PBT and Polyester carrier
Mono-Colours / SPC‘s
White masterbatch


Active substance Phosphorus
Halogen and Brome free
Masterbatch PreMB 23 FR 5 – PBT Carrier suitable for PET and PBT applications

flame retardant additive integrated in the polymer (durable fire protection)
washable and dyeable
very good spinnability and high LOI
PET FR chips with different charges of phosphorus – currently charges up to 13,000 ppm are possible
The chips meet the international fire regulation standards B1 and M1

Medium size company which has really close conections to it’s customers, producing according to their specifications or samples. IKV technicians are always there for their customers for contiuously helping and optimizing networks and provide technical knowledge and support for every situation.