It is a German company who was founded in 1888 and is employing today about 120 people.

In the field of textile raw materials is trading with different man made fibers as Polyester, Viscose, Polyacrylic as well as also in substandards and spot Lots.

GLAESER Textil is interested to receive  offers in all types of man made fibers in substandards / spot lots and for sure in the different wastes of the several items.

Glaeser Textil is specialized in the field of technical fibers as Meta-Aramid, Para-Aramid, Preox etc., here he can offer regularly different types of processed fibers. Further he is dealing in different  textile wastes as Polyester filament and tow wastes, Acrylic tow wastes, Polyamid wastes (PA 6 and PA 66) in different grades  :


Viscose regenerated fibers in 2 qualities, both white color. You can use this fibre for non woven products, wipers, needle punch viscose, spunlace viscose

100 % Viscose white, made from Viscose Filaments, for cosmetic pads productions –  cutlenght average around 30-70mm, fineness 2,5 – 4 denier

Cotton shoddy

  • one quality around 60-70 % cotton and 30-40 % synthetic in white for wipers and other non woven products

another quality is around 90-95 % cotton