Welcome to our consultancy services in Romania, where we are dedicated to providing expert guidance and comprehensive support in Sales and After-Sales. Our commitment is to understand and fulfill customer needs right from the outset, offering assistance ranging from product selection across a diverse array of categories to unwavering Customer Support throughout the After-Sales journey.

Our expertise encompasses a wide spectrum of products, including color masterbatch, additives, spin finish, and antistatic solutions for textile finishing. We also specialize in supplying components and spare parts essential for production machines involved in the processing of textile fiber and yarn. Additionally, our offerings extend to technical fabrics and materials designed for protective uniforms, aramid yarns, and fabrics. For those focused on maintaining the highest standards, we provide laboratory equipment and instruments dedicated to quality testing, covering the entire spectrum from fiber to fabric, as well as specialized tools for fiber cleaning and yarn clearing.

At the heart of our operation lies a profound commitment to building lasting partnerships. We believe that a close and collaborative relationship is the key ingredient in the development process. The quality of our partners within our portfolio forms the foundation of the value we bring to the industrial activities of our customers. Through collaborative efforts, we work hand-in-hand to achieve optimization and success, ensuring a mutually beneficial journey for all involved.

The company AMYTEX & PARTNERS SRL was established in 2017, in Bucharest, with its headquarters in Teișani Avenue No. 296, Bl. 67A, Ap. 44, with a sole partner – Ionescu Mihaela-Lavinia.

Our mission
Together we grow and add value.
Elevating businesses through strategic collaboration and expertise, AMYTEX stands as a distinguished intermediary in textile finishing products, machinery components, and accessories, along with fabrics and technical materials for uniform protection. Operating in Romania, our focus is on empowering clients to achieve heightened efficiency, capture new markets, and foster overall business growth. Rooted in our extensive experience in consulting and project management, coupled with robust partnerships with industry-leading producers, we embody a commitment to optimal win-win relationships, encapsulated by our steadfast credo – ``Together we grow and add value.``
Our experience
Extensive experience in textile manufacturing
With a distinguished 25-year career, I bring extensive expertise in engineering, industrial sales consultancy, and customer support. Holding professional certifications from Gh. Asachi Technical University and the Faculty of Chemistry and Textile Technology, Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, I am also a certified Sales Agent (2001-2016). Specializing in plastics recycling, production, and the rubber industry, my focus is on delivering exceptional proficiency in sales and customer support within dynamic sectors.